If You’re a Scientologist, be Proud!

When I was a Scientologist I was part of something special. My family were all Scientologists, my school was a Scientology school. My classmates and teachers were all Scientologists. My friends were Scientologists. Virtually everyone I knew were Scientologists. Being part of the special Scientologist group was definitely formative in my early views on life.

Living in a Scientology world, one of the things you learn is that wogs, a derogatory term for non-Scientologists, literally can’t handle the truth. Scientologists view this as an important reality and it’s the driving force behind the secrecy of Scientology: they literally think that their beliefs are all true and are too powerful to expose to the public willy-nilly. And this is one of the early support beams for my defensive structures: the constant lying about our beliefs.

Being a Scientologist means lying and bending the truth. It means never truly being open with those outside your sphere of Scientologists. To me, that was always a cop-out all too convenient for those with weak minds. If you’re a Scientologist, be proud!

Stop lying! Lying is so intrinsic to Scientology that they literally don’t even know they’re lying sometimes. Public Relations and not being “out-reality” for wogs is such a native practice to Scientologists that it’s all over their website, all over the specific words they choose and the lines they speak. Weirdly enough, I can detect it immediately and I see how effective it is to people who don’t have their radars up.

Some examples:

On Scientology’s website in the FAQ section it says

… Scientologists increase their spiritual awareness and attain an understanding of both the spiritual world and, ultimately, the Supreme Being …

… spiritual nature and that of those around him, and, hence, more aware of God.

Scientologists don’t believe in God. Not even a little bit, at all. Any Scientologist that says they believe in God is lying to you either about being a Scientologist or believing in God. There is no in between and this isn’t an exaggeration. So how do they do this with a clear head? How can these well-meaning people lie to your face and still believe they are not liars? Word games!

“God” in this case doesn’t mean the God of Abraham, or Allah, or anything else you may be thinking of when you see that word. “Supreme Being” or “God,” in this case, means the 8th dynamic, or the concept of infinity, which Lafayette Hubbard and his followers occasionally refer to as God. It’s just literally the word infinity: all things in all directions forever.

It’s not an entity. Not a personal God, not a God at all. Not the God or God himself or herself. It’s just an abstract expression of infinity. Because you could technically get away with calling that God, they do and just run with it. That’s a small example. Let’s drill down a bit on a more egregious example.

Pay very close attention during the reading of this one:

Do Scientologists Believe They are Descended From Aliens?

Absolutely not. Scientology holds no such belief. Any suggestion otherwise is as absurd as asserting that those of the Christian faith believe themselves descended from aliens because they believe there is a Heaven.

Some of the information one finds on the Internet concerning Scientology religious beliefs is a mixture of misstatements, distortions and outright lies designed to twist Scientology theology. These scurrilous statements, issued by the “Internet fringe,” are not only patently untrue, they are intentionally designed to ridicule Scientologists and denigrate their actual religious beliefs.

Pay close enough attention? Did you catch the lies here? No? OK I’ll break it down for you.

  1. No one thinks Scientologists believe they are descended from Aliens. They are answering one question while suggesting that they are answering another question. The quote above is actually quite true: Scientologists don’t believe they are descended from aliens. They don’t! They believe they are aliens. They believe we all are. Read the quote again. Do you see how it looks like they are denying that but in reality they’re denying something that no one is asking?
  2. On top of that they are pretending that their beliefs are similar to Christianity, because they know the majority of people reading their page will be Christians or familiar with and friendly with Christianity. There is almost nothing in common between Scientology and Christianity. I didn’t learn about Christianity until I was a teenager and met a Christian. And believe me when I tell you, it was completely foreign to me.
  3. The lies continue. Take a look at the first sentence of the second paragraph again, paying special attention to the first word: “Some of the information one finds on the Internet…” Some. Not all, not most, not a little, not a lot. Just “some,” a completely meaningless and open word. So to them, they’re telling the truth because sure, you can always find something somewhere that is false about Scientology. This entire paragraph is akin to saying something like: “Some of the information one finds on the internet about Nazis is a mixture of misstatements, distortions and outright lies designed to twist your understanding of Nazis. These scurrilous statements, issued by the “Internet fringe,” are not only patently untrue, they are intentionally designed to ridicule Nazis and denigrate their actual religious beliefs.” Well of course that’s a technically valid statement: there are lies about Nazis on the internet. But that doesn’t change the 99% of all things you read about them that are facts. The wording chosen here is specifically designed to deceive you into thinking they said something they didn’t.

If you’re a Scientologist, be proud! Stop lying. Stop deceiving. If you believe we’re all aliens, just say it! We all already know. Come out of the closet. Be proud.

Hotpot king Nathan Rich

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2 Apr 2019