Scientology is invited to participate in Scientology Aftermath

Scientology is hereby invited to participate in the Aftermath. contact Knowledgereports @ hushmail


Scientology is hereby Invited to the Aftermath


Scientology keeps insisting that they are not allowed to tell their side of the story in relation to Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath show. In fact Scientology is contacted every season and invited to participate but they decline, preferring instead to tell their followers they are not invited. Recently on Twitter Remini and Rinder placed a public invitation for anyone in the upper levels of Scientology to participate. The response was a billboard saying there “is a second side to every story” and urging people to watch Scientology TV. We are raising money for a billboard publicly outing the lie and once again asking Scientology to step up and speak.  Especially since this claim of not being heard was again made on Twitter

This money will cover 4 weeks of the billboard right in Clearwater FL where their Headquarters is. We are hoping that: 1. Scientologists will see the billboard and know they are being lied to. 


2. Publicly reissuing the invitation for COS to come forward and participate in The Aftermath (or it’s successor show) and stop accusing people of not allowing Scientology to tell their side.

Funds raised here will pay for 4 weeks of public truth. Any excess will be donated to The Aftermath Foundation.

We are naming this campaign “SPs for Change” so that every donor will be represented and acknowledged for their help.

Thank you so much for your help in exposing the truth!


Scientology Lies SPs for a change - The Billboard Babes



Thank you to all who donated! The sign is up! We had a generous donor who provided the balance. We are extending this campaign to raise money for The Aftermath Foundation, the organization that provides a safe haven and financial assistance to any Scientologist who wants to escape but hasn’t the means. 

We will continue this fundraiser until the billboard contract is over, about a month.

Thank you to everyone!!


1715 S. Missouri ave, Clearwater

Leah Remini @LeahRemini wrote:

Wow! Impressed with you,  “Billboard Babes”

@UltioetVeritas, @KatLaRue7, @randomname7700

 who came up with this concept, & made this happen. Thank you to those who helped & contributed to their GoFundMe campaign to make it happen.

Scientology Billboard Babes


We put up this billboard in spite of knowing there was a chance there’d be no further Aftermath shows. We did it as an act of defiance, an act of hope. It’s a symbol that we’re not done this fight. The invitation is real & valid. So is our commitment to end COS.

21 Aug 2019