Is there life after Scientology?

To have a mother and a father that are Scientologists often means that all the children know, relatives and friend are highly associated to scientology. The only home you ever really known.

No money, no ID, maybe not even a driving license. And no friends outside of the church of Scientology.  

Look here here is Nathan Rich born into Scientology...

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Long story short, left Scientology and the bad stuff, started over in China and ..

I’ve recently been making somewhat of a name for myself as someone who has been through a lot of difficult and strange experiences. I grew up in Scientology, which I resisted from the beginning. I never gave up that resistance, even after I was sent to the infamously abusive Mace-Kingsley Ranch (Scientology L Ron Hubbard philosophy) at 8 and again at 14.

Nathan Rich

Mace-Kingsley Ranch, circa 1997


I was not allowed to communicate with my family for three years, and later was disowned, before spending seven years a homeless drug addict. Those are some slices of experiences from my life. There are many more.


In 2018, I resigned from my position as Chief Technology Officer at the largest Asia-based visual effects company, to take a break from technical management and focus on getting my story out to the world. I published a memoir and started reaching out for the first time in my life, and the response has been amazing. People seem to not only care about what happened in my life, but more importantly are often able to use my experiences to grow from in their own lives.

I’ve been asked many questions over the years, and one recently repeated question begged for a wider audience: “What’s the most valuable thing you learned from your experiences?” There are quite a few responses I’ve come up with, but the most universally true message is this one: giving up is just as good as it sounds.

Nathan Rich

I was living in a sewage tunnel in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the early 2000’s when I decided to turn my life around once and for all. It took a great effort to get off the heroin and other drugs for long enough to piece together enough sanity to move forward. Without a social security number, ID, education, birth certificate or work history, I set out to change my circumstances.

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27 Mar 2019