Scientology Dianetics by L Ron Hubbard

18 Mar 2019

L Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics the book that later came to be the foundation to Scientology

L Ron Hubbard Dianetics Scientology

-Isidor Isaac Rabi, a Nobel prize winner, wrote an early rewiev to L Ron Hubbards book Dianetics in American Science

This volume probably contains more promises and less evidence per page than has any publication since the invention of printing.

So The modern Science fiction of mental health could have ended here. At the hands of the man who discovered the nuclear magnetic resonance, the foundation to Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI.


Sometimes the sources of the invisibility are invisible to us in some way.

I Seldom can se where i am standing

-because my feet are standing in the way

Scythe Tleppo

Sometimes the grass roots are recognizable in equivoque reciprocal turnover in time. Ubermensch underwear in between.


火锅大王 Hotpot king


Nathan Rich Scientology and ..

Nathan Rich Serenahottie

Tatoo my heart with A B Thing

Usual reuse of the tunnelsight in cases of ink. Light bending.


The secret of seing must be light.


& how the mirror Roar in G ~ ~ ~

Isidor Isaac Rabi

In his last days, he was reminded of his greatest achievement when his physicians examined him using magnetic resonance imaging, a technology that had been developed from his ground-breaking research on magnetic resonance. The machine happened to have a reflective inner surface, and he remarked: "I saw myself in that machine... I never thought my work would come to this.


Aaron Smith-Levin Scientology Aftermath

2 Mar 2019

Just hour after having going public about his life in the Sea-Org in Scientology by apearing in the Leah Remini show Scientology and the aftermath did Aaron Smith-Levin got a Scinetology Stalker website smearing his name and still on top of his name when searching Aaron Smith-Levin.


Before The Aftermath Smith-Levin was into hedgefund analytics

Aaron Smit-Leving starts investigating the Scinetology hate websites a little bit more and goes a little bit deeper. Scientology growing up is not the name of Aaron Smith-Levin's youtube channel as some has written, it is growing up in scientology, just as Aaron also did.

Scientology L Ron Hubbard's greatest insporation was Commander Snake Thompson

Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath

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What is Scinetology n.nu

Here is a website about L Ron Hubbard from Dianetics to Scientology. By the logics of this also a lot about the Scientologists, the Leah Remini show Scientology and the aftermath, the church of Scientology hate websites / stalker website and phenomenon related to LRH. N.Nu is a small fast and visible website. Try it for free 1 month and see for yourself. Scientology n.nu reccomends it. Mostly because it is easy and the efforts put in comes greatly back in return. Just click on the link and start by choosing a name of your website URL.

Scientology Growing

23 Feb 2019

 Scientology Growing & How

Many Scientologists

To get into the question if Scientology is growing one has to locate how big scientology is today and earlier in history


How Big is Scientology?


With a Text guide to Scientology and the inflated statistics

 Scientology by L Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige.

with help from one


How Big is Scientology?
With a Text guide to Scientology and the inflated statistics
 Scientology by L Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige
L Ron Hubbard
L Ron Hubbard the Addict
With the large smoke screen
Scientology how big is it?
How many Scientologists are there really – members into the church of Scientology?
The Church of Scientology
The Church of Scientology has
claimed that they have over
8 million members internationally.
At one point, they were even claiming
ten million.
 active at under 40.000 Scientologist in scientology
Informed estimates• put the number
of active at under 40.000
  • According to a direct inquiry to the
Researchers at ARIS (American Religious
Identification Survey) the estimate no more than
25.000 Scientologist in the United States.
  • According to former insiders, membership in the
International Association of Scientologist is
About 40.000 world wide.
The Church of Scientology has 11000 members
All Scientologists Are required to be a IAS Members.
 If Scientology has eight or 10 million members
If Scientology has eight or 10 million members, why don’t they
show up in surveys, Visit their organizations, or come to their events?
The Church of
Scientology has
claimed on their
website that they have
ove’ eleven thousand
However, …
Their own website lists
only 148 Organization’
and 343 “Missions.”
(a Mission Isa smaller
commonly one or
two people operating
out of a private home.
By report, many of
these Missions have
 The Church of Scientology where are the members
10,509 – Where are they?
The Church of Scientology Will tell you that the
remaining 1 0,509 organizations are “group<
But, where are they?
There are no address lists of Dianetics or Scientology
Field Groups on the Church of Scientology website.
If you search for them on the internet, they cannot be
found They have no addresses. no phone numbers.
no e-mail. no website* no blogs. no Facebook pages
and no way anyone can contact them
so, do they really exist
The Church might claim that they ale Volunteer
Minister Groups or The Way to Happiness Groups,
OK “Human Rights” Groups, but there are no published
address lists tor these either. and an internet search
just comes up with the same addresses of Scientology Orgs
Applied Scholastic’s claim5 500 groups using Hubbard’s
“Study – but lists no addresses. Narconon claims
69 Narconon centers and 22 drug education groups
But these group; would tell you that they are not
affiliated with Scientology CCHR Narconon ..
so, where are these ten thousand groups?
 entrance point to Scientology
These groups are supposed to be the “entrance point to Scientology.”
so Why they take the trouble to make them easily found?
 Scientology clearwater florida claim  12,000 members
Clearwater, Florida is a major center for
Scientology They claim that 12,000
Scientologists live in the area, and an
additional 2,000 out-of-known visitors are
(here at any time. -may all of them staff.
making a total of over 15,000 Scientologists
in the area.
However, …
If Scientology is expanding why not bigger events

The Scandal of Scientology

For the last 20 years. they have held
their Clearwater events at the Ruth Eckerd
Hall, which has a maximum capacity of
They have reportedly now moved their events
to the Harrison Auditorium, Which
has a capacity of only?
Scientology has not released figures as to how
many Scientologists they claim are in Los
Angeles, but their website; say that LA
oldest and largest Scientology community
on Earth_- so how many would they claim?
20,000? More?
Scientology LA
They have held their LA events at the Shrine
Auditorium for the last 30 years, and while the
Shrine has a capacity of 6,300 they reportedly
now fill only the ground floor, leaving the
Balcony empty. which means about 3.000
attendees. With “explosive growth. shouldn’t
they have moved to a larger venue by now?
If Scientology is expanding, why have their events stayed the same size
for the last 20 years – or gotten smaller?
Scientology how big is it?
tom cruise tunnel sight
SCIENTOLOGY Brings you tunnel sight
-after all you cannot be responsible if a sausage fabrics out of nowhere cracks some eggs somewhere?
Scandal of Scientology
That’s far out from your sharp mind here and now – gain the road of straight-line in the edge of bowing like the sand stone – the resistance in being sharpening all your possibilities – why not be the most of you?